Colombia - Yellow Fruit Infused Anaerobic

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Sebastian Ramirez, the producer who brought us the Red Fruit Infused lot and the 93 point Purple Fruit lot, impresses us again with what is arguably his cleanest, finest execution of tropical fruit flavors co-fermented in an extended anaerobic transformation, pushing even further our understanding of what is possible with post-harvest processing.

This coffee boasts INTENSE flavors of passion fruit, mango, pear, lychee, papaya, star fruit, pineapple, and more, with a velvety vibrant mouthfeel and acidity that will have you thinking you're actually drinking fruit juice in the tropics. Be warned: these types of lots totally disrupt your expectations of coffee flavor possibilities. No further processing is done on our end beyond roasting and brewing. Everything you taste is the expression and creation of the producer working in conjunction with nature, microorganisms, technology, and creativity.

We hope you find wonder, as we did, in this delightful and distinctive cup, and celebrate its transcendence of the boundaries we've come to understand.