SugarCane Decaf

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Process: Wet process, sun and machine-dried, E.A. decaffeinated  

Cultivar: Caturra, Castillo

Tasting notes: nectar, toffee, cookies

We are all excited to introduce our new perennial decaf option -- SugarCane E.A. from Colombia! SugarCane is brought to us via Café Imports who are employing a twofold approach that enables them to distribute some of the highest quality decaf coffee available. Instead of purchasing already decaffeinated green coffee beans, Café Imports selects special microlots at origin for the purpose of decaffeination. This is exciting because it allows for more traceability which helps improve overall quality. Secondly, Café Imports is using the naturally occurring solvent Ethyl Acetate (found in sugarcane) to decaffeinate their green coffee. The name SugarCane E.A. is a direct reference to the natural solvent used during the decaffeination process that helps preserve and add to this coffee’s unique flavor.