Rewards Program


How to Play

Hello, and welcome to Chromatic Coffee's Reward Program! Join today and start earning Credits for purchases! you can also earn credits for doing a few actions, like social shares, writing reviews of our products, or referring friends and family. We'll also hook it up on your birthday. bellow are the main examples of what you can do to earn Credits.


explainer-earn-credits-01.png explainer-earn-credits-02.png explainer-earn-credits-03.png
explainer-earn-credits-04.png explainer-earn-credits-05.png explainer-earn-credits-06.png


What You can Win!

You can redeem your Credits for gift cards, discounts at check-out, bags of coffee, or special unique products that we don't sell, like our custom "beer tin"... Thats right, you can only earn that little nugget! We'll be adding more and more rewards as time goes on, and we'll reach out to you with special offers or limited prizes


zinrelo-explainer-07.png zinrelo-explainer-08.png zinrelo-explainer-09.png
explainer-reward-bag-10-10.png zinrelo-explainer-11.png zinrelo-explainer-12.png


Your Movement Through The Chromatic Journey

 If you really wanna play (and trust us, you do), you'll be rewarded for going on the journey to achieve Chromium status. You can earn more Credits through your purchases and get first dibs on new coffee releases. We'll keep you up to date on all the cool things.

explainer-tiers-13.png explainer-tiers-14.png explainer-tiers-15.png

Well, we hope you do join us, and look forward to sharing all the cool and unique prizes. We'll share parts of who we are and what we like to make. So many of us are artist here, and we've accumulated some pretty projects over the years. Now, who wants to play?!