Shadow Puppet Decaf Espresso

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Coffee: Colombia - Shadow Puppet Decaf
Region: Huila
Cultivar: Colombia, Castillo
Process: Wet Process & Ethyl Acetate naturally derived  Water Decaffeination. 
Producer: Various
Elevation: 1600-1800 Meters Above Sea Level
Roast Level: Medium-Dark (67/58 Colortrack)
Cupping Profile: Caramel, Cacao Nib, Citrus, Almond, Toffee, Chicory, Molasses, Zest.


Suggested Brew Methods & Recipe:

UNFILTERED / PRESSURE: For a syrupy, chocolatey mouthfeel.







UNFILTERED / IMMERSION: For a viscous, juicy and approachable cup







-Weigh out your coffee and heat water.

-Preheat your device

-Grind coffee fresh

-Add coffee to device

-Tare out scale

-00:00: Start timer. 

-Fill device until target water dose is reached.

-Place lid on device and gently plunge until grounds are submerged about 1 cm under liquid

~05:30: Remove plunger and lid. You will notice that all grounds will sink to the bottom.

-Quickly rinse plunger of foam.

-Take a couple spoons and gently scoop up remaining foam from the top of the device. It doesn't need to be perfect, but this will help clean the cup a little and avoid any potentially undesirable chalky or grittiness in the cup.

-Place lid back on device. Slowly plunge until you meet resistance from the grounds which have settled on the bottom. You may note that without the grounds it is very easy to depress the plunger.

~6:00: You can now decant the entire pot into a separate vessel and let rest for a few minutes if you wish to further minimize silt in your cup, or serve directly into your favorite drinking vessel.




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