Honduras - Rosalio's Parainema Reunion Integral

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A blend of four post-harvest processing lots of the singular Parainema Cultivar as brought to us by producer Rosalio Ventura, Roasted and blended by our expert team of roasters and quality assurance pros!

The lots are wet processed, honey processed, dry processed, and last but not least, the debut of the carbonic maceration's presence in the single origin blend.


Coffee: Honduras - Parainema Réunion Integral
Region: Mercedes, Ocotepeque
Cultivar: Parainema
Process: Wet, Honey, Dry, & Carbonic Maceration
Producer: Rosalio Ventura  
Elevation: 1350 Meters Above Sea Level
Roast Level: Medium-Light (61/49 Colortrack)
Cupping Profile: Chocolate, Tamarind, Hibiscus, Pipe Tobacco, Dried Fruits, Pistachio, Apple. 



Suggested Brew Methods & Recipe:

UNFILTERED / PRESSURE: For a syrupy, chocolatey mouthfeel.






FILTERED / DRIP: For a complex and layered cup.






-Weigh out your coffee and heat water.

-Preheat your device

-Grind coffee fresh

-Add coffee to device

-Tare out scale

-00:00: Start timer. Add 50 grams of water to bed of grounds and allow to bloom.

-00:30: Initiate continuous pour and hit these markers:

-00:55: Scale should read ~100 grams

-01:15: Scale should read ~150 grams

-01:40: Scale should read ~200 grams

-02:05: Scale should read ~250 grams

-02:30: Scale should read ~300 grams

~02:55: Finish pouring at 360 grams

~03:35: Water should be drained and your coffee is ready to serve. Enjoy!



For some more brew methods, Check The Technique! You can also check out our Youtube channel for additional content. 


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