LA Coffee Club to bring Chromatic Coffee to Los Angeles

Posted by Andrew Villa on 30th Jun 2014

LA Coffee Club has teamed up with Chromatic Coffee Co. to bring coffee from the Valley of the Heart’s Delight to the City of Angels. We couldn’t be happier to have this relationship and are looking forward to what is to come. LA Coffee Club has a history of collaborating with local roasters & showcasing coffee to the community of Los Angeles.

With it's own Coffee of the Month Club, maps & crawls to explore the city and a bevy of events like COFFEEGRAPH & Iron Barista Challenge, LA has seen growth in innovate coffee culture.

Coming soon is the collaboration of featuring guest roasters at Chromatic Coffee Co. and Demitasse. Both Demitasse and Chromatic have always been focused on building community through events and public education. Coffees from both roasters will be available in cafés for tasting and for whole bean purchase.

"We are proud to support those who are passionate and dedicated to making amazing coffee everyday. When the idea of doing a roaster swap was proposed, I knew there would be challenges & hurdles to overcome - but the teams involved did not let that slow them down one bit. Having the opportunity to connect these two communities is incredibly exciting for us & something we hope to be a part of more in the future,” says Adam of LA Coffee Club