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#1 of 19 Coffee & Tea in Santa Clara (TripAdvisor)

4 stars out of 905 reviews (Yelp)

4.7 out of 896 reviews (birdeye)

4.6 out of 588 reviews (Zagat)

9.1/10 out of 626 ratings (Foursquare)

8.1 (Beanhunter)

Dog Friendly! (


Chelchelle: 12/10 "It's the best coffee I've ever had." (Hunter and Lexi Pence, 2017)

Gamut "I have a new favorite espresso blend!" (Coffee Cantata, 2015)

Unicorn Pony: 8.8/10 "One of the best coffees I've reviewed" (The Coffee Concierge, 2015)

Gamut: 8.1/10 "Highly, highly recommended for espresso enthusiasts." (The Coffee Concierge, 2015)

Kunjin: 94 "Plush, deep, resonant." (Coffee Review, 2014)

Keynote: 91 "Comfort without compromise: a round, drinkable coffee" (Coffee Review, 2014)

San Agustin: 93 "A long, sweet-toned, flavor-saturated finish." (Coffee Review, 2014)

San Margarida: 93 "Aficionados will definitely want to sample this coffee" (Coffee Review, 2014)

Gamut: 91 "Sweet, round, complexly and delicately chocolaty" (Coffee Review, 2014)


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