Our Philosophy

In 1909, a man named Charles David “Doc” Herrold erected a radio tower. It was the first radio station of its kind in the entire world, geared to entertain an audience of hundreds in the farm town of San Jose. It was a humble affair, run by Herrold and students from the school of wireless technology he founded. Herrold, his wife, and his protégés were the first to send regular transmissions for those with the know-how to construct their own receivers. Born before air wave regulations, the plucky little station started its life as “San Jose Calling.” A prune farmer’s son, Herrold called his transmissions “broadcasts,” borrowing the agricultural term for spreading seeds far and wide.

We often think of progress as being at odds with tradition—but in San Jose, innovation is our tradition. That early radio tower, sprouting up amidst expanses of fertile farmland, represents an ideal: a marriage of our past and future. Mirroring national trends, a region once known for agriculture is now the Silicon Valley, but to many of us, it is still the Valley of Heart’s Delight. 

Here at Chromatic we hearken to that past by prizing craftsmanship over ease and quality over convenience. We look to the future by honoring and fairly compensating the fine work of our producers and striving to change the way the world enjoys coffee. Our hand-built machines ensure that the science of coffee allows us to make the most of our passion and understanding. We employ highly skilled baristas and roasters so that we never compromise artistry.

Like Doc Herrold and his early listeners, it's the people like you who take the time to appreciate the work and art of coffee that allow us to dedicate our lives to this passion. 

We thank you.

The Chromatic Family