Unicorn Spirits 9 Year Anniversary Blend

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Well, here we are again, Celebrating nine years of slinging weird and awesome. It’s the time of year when we’d normally be serving some straight up magic in the form of a certain mythical beast, but the unicorn pony was tragically murdered two years ago, and you can only raise something from the dead once, it turns out (I think we can all agree that we needed it last year).


HOWEVER (did you think that we had finally exhausted the theme with the Necrocorn Pony last year? Why would you think that? *Checks notes* Oh, right. Because we said we were absolutely done this time.) HOWEVER, somewhere in the midst of our love affair with spirits this past year, we realized that there was something left of our beloved Unicorn Pony.


One seance, two Yirgacheffes, a rum barrel and a whiskey barrel later, we had everything we needed for this year’s blend of pure myth and legend goodness. 


We present to you UNICORN SPIRITS, a wonderful wet processed Gotiti Yirgacheffe, barrel-aged to draw forth characteristics of caramel, raisin, apple, ginger, and vanilla chocolate soft serve swirl, softened and balanced by the bright, juicy berry and stonefruit explosion of the dry processed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the Aricha Kebele. 


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