Santuario Project

Right now we’re hella stoked on three extremely colorful coffees from Colombia, each processed in a slightly different way with Mossto (the cultured juice of coffee cherries loaded with enzymes) and bursting with unusual and delightful flavors.* 


First, we have the Pink Bourbon, carbonic macerated for 72 hours in Mossto, producing notes of lychee and tamarind, grape, plum, strawberry and cream, a floral and PINK aroma, and cucumber freshness. 


Next, the Purple Honey. This one enjoys 18 hours anaerobic fermentation in cold water, followed by a honey-style de-pulping which leaves behind about 80% of the mucilage, and finally the Mossto fermentation. This results in spice, orange blossom, sweet almond, cardamom, ruby red grapefruit, fruity cereal, lemongrass. Quite a symphony. 


And finally, the Black Lime Honey, a yellow bourbon fermented with Mossto for 96 hours, de-pulped to 60% mucilage, then another 72 hours in Mossto, and this brings us a sweet and savory storm of lemongrass, cardamom, pistachio, rose, kaffir limes, citrus blossom, green curry, sweet mint, and floral notes.


We can honestly say we’ve never tried coffees quite like these. Very trippy, fascinating, and tasty!