Honduras - Rosalio's Obatá Carbonic Maceration

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We currently have three CM lots from Rosalio (and one from his cousin Hidardo) available for you to sample: Rosalio’s Obatá, Icatú, and Parainema Carbonics.


The Obatá is rich with chocolate, caramel, raisin, dates, dried and cooked fruits—reminiscent of pie. Velvety and syrupy. We credit the special process for sensations of fresh sugarcane juice, lemon verbena, and some earthy notes on the nose.


Brew Tip*

We noticed most of our Hondurans benefit greatly from lowering your water brew temp.

87-89 degrees at the kettle worked great for our pourovers (where we typically are doing 91-93 degrees with other latin coffees).

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