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Holy Mountain

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About this Blend


The Holy Mountain has been part of our tradition since its release in 2015. 


The Barrel aged version was its 7th iteration. This is yet another transformation.


The thing that defines this blend has been high and mighty notes from the base component; Kunjin, standing opposite to the low and viscous element of the under-appreciated and misunderstood species of Robusta.

In the middle stands the Parainema, which breeds the alchemical balance resolving these extremes.

This year, we added some steps further conceptualizing our work.


30% of this blend is a beautiful Robusta from Thailand

30% is a Parainema from Rosalio Ventura in Honduras

40% is our long beloved Kunjin from Papua New Guinea, a staple in our seasonal offerings for the past 7 harvest seasons!


Perfect for espresso, pour over, or cold brew. 


suggested parameters for espresso:

17 grams coffee in

30-34 grams espresso out

194-196 degrees F at grouphead

26-32 seconds, longer with pre-infusion if possible.


For pourover:

196 start temp

23 grams coffee in

350 grams total water

2:50-3:15 total brew time