Holy Mountain

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On the nose, you’ll be welcomed by heavy aromatics of vanilla, freshly baked pecan pie, and malt.

The first sip is loud and lively, with notes of citrus, blood orange, with a magnolia florality. As the sharp initial tone quickly fades, lemon verbena reveals itself on a bed of silk. Kumquat sweetens the delicate and gentle acidity, black licorice prevails and Belgian chocolate seashells with hazelnut ganache richen the tone. Brazil nuts. Black sesame, rye. It gets heavy, deep. Açaí, more dark chocolate, and the mouthfeel transforms into a thick blue velvet and a clean sustained finish. You will begin to feel the effect. It just hits different. You can feel it in your body, it’s presence in your mind that beckons you to be present in this moment, realizing just how odd this coffee really is, both conceptually and in actuality.


Track our progress with Parainema with this blog post from 2014 


A personal note from our co-founder/director of coffee/green coffee buyer:

Since the inception of the Holy Mountain back in 2014, the goal was to create a blend that symbolizes something we have always prided ourselves on at Chromatic: the convergence of tradition and innovation. I’m pleased to share, eight years in the making, perhaps the most perfect realization of this conceptual blend yet. A meta design, if you will, for it goes beyond the reach of what is presented in front of you.

It is a creature of unique origins and processes, ripped from the creative ether; an alchemical experiment that passes through multiple iterations, built up only to be torn down again in a never ending cycle which invites you, the observer, the partaker, the participant, into a visceral understanding of impermanence. Roasting, grinding, brewing—these are at once destructive and creative cycles. What we aim for is transmutation. From simple extraction into experience, from experience to memory, we emerge from chaos, a dynamic expression. 

In a time when it was hardly a smart business choice, let alone a fad, we chose to begin investing in quality robusta. We supported dedicated producers, disrupted the low pricing structure around the industry, and incentivized best practices in processing, cultivation, and extraction. In short, (and this is the theme of The Holy Mountain) we took something that many considered little more than excrement, and turned it to gold.

This blend is made up of unlikely origins, processes, varieties AND species, representative at once of our forward-looking dreams and our deep-seated relationships and values. 

The base is the wet-processed Kunjin from Papua New Guinea, a long time favorite of ours which has been highly reviewed with an uncommon savoriness and curious notes. 

The culmination of one of our most committed relationships, Rosalio Ventura’s Parainema from Honduras, makes up the center note—an arabica cultivar with a fair amount of robusta genetics to make it a hearty plant. Never has the cup quality been so dialed in. After three years of experiments, we finally have a carbonic maceration which is clean, sweet, complex, and novel. 

And of course, the robusta. Second place winner of the Taza Dorada Competition, from the rainforests of the Amazon, this is a radically new and unique emerging origin: a Napo Payimo dry process, to be exact. Not only does it provide a different experience of caffeination, but the flavor profile is insane—lovely, dark, and deep, full of notes completely absent from arabica. 

That said, drink with some caution, because YOU WILL FEEL DIFFERENT. The effect of coffee upon our consciousness is often skimmed over in craft coffee to give priority and weight to the process and experience of tasting, but here we need to address the fact that it will affect you, it will change you, and furthermore, you will probably very much enjoy the different high. Do not forget that this is an entirely different species.


Thank you for your support over the years. If you’ve seen our growth and evolution and tendency to be early adopters, we hope that you can also appreciate our legacy of appreciation for tradition… with a twist…

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