Holy Mountain Blend

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This year's Holy Mountain is resonant, and darkly bright, if you can somehow picture that. Imagine a heavy bodied, creamy and velvety shot of classic espresso with tropical fruit notes and a richly dark single origin cacao from Ecuador thats been roasted perfectly. It also makes a loud and dense cup of coffee. We're pretty focused on mouthfeel with this one so revel in its textural journey! A three bean blend with a PNG Kunjin base, a Honduras Parainema micro-lot bridge, and a robust and fruited Amazonian coffee our green buyer bought at auction where he got the #1, #2, #3, and #4 winners! Prepare for an awakening.


Great as filter and espresso!


Parameters for espresso:

(We suggest a smaller basket than the usual 18 or 21 gram. The 15 gram basket from VST is our preferred hardware)

93-95 degrees Celsius

15-16.5 grams in

25-38 grams out

18-24 seconds

We know these parameters sound wild and have a huge range. We were surprised to see how fragrant, citrusy and dense this coffee was at lower extractions, but wether you're a ristretto or a lungo kinda person, this coffee has a wide gamut of flavors at multiple different extraction levels. Experiment!

Shots also showed lots of yuzu, orange zest, malt, syrup, and sustained aftertaste.