Ethiopia - Limu Gera Anderacha Wet

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The name Anderacha comes from a river that boarders Abana's estate. This river gets very large during the rainy season and is a source of life and nutrients for the community and eco-system. I was told there is a coffee growing region in Ethiopia called Anderacha. This coffee is not that, it is just the name given to these lots.
The Anderacha lots were uniquely processed utilizing a dry cherry fermentation method (around 48 hours) prior to processing which contributed to sweetness, complexity, a body with depth and incredible balance. Both the Washed and Natural Anderachas had the same type and length of fermentation. This one is wet processed.
Following the cherry: The coffee was picked,  hand sorted, floated, and then rested on a raised bed for around 48 hours. After this, the wet processed lot was washed in channel, and then set to dry.
Expect flavors of lemongrass, ginger, floral notes, and berries.