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Ethiopia - Limu Gera Anderacha Wet Process

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The name Anderacha comes from a river that boarders Abana's estate. This river gets very large during the rainy season and is a source of life and nutrients for the community and eco-system. I was told there is a coffee growing region in Ethiopia called Anderacha. This coffee is not that, it is just the name given to these lots.
The Anderacha lots were uniquely processed utilizing a dry cherry fermentation method (around 48 hour) prior to processing which contributed to sweetness, complexity, a body with depth and incredible balance. Both wet and dry processed Anderachas have the same type and length of fermentation.
This year’s harvest of Anderacha wet is the usual floral, bright and almost creamily smooth fruit medley. Strawberry shortcake drizzled with caramel, that kind of goodness. Chocolate covered oranges with cherimoya and apple. Cherry and rose… The list goes on!