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Ecuador - Yanchaliquin Robusta

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Floats Like Cream, Stings Like Honey


We’ve been singing the praises of robustas since before it was cool. Wait—is it cool yet? Or are we still ahead of the curve…? Seems like some folks might still be on the fence. 


If you are some folks, grab this Taza Dorada #3 winner, and write it off as an educational expense, because you’re about to get schooled in how beautiful and subtle robustas can be.


Oatmeal with brown sugar. The toasted rice richness of Genmaicha. Silken, luxurious goodness with a hint of Honey Smack and melon. 


It’s so good. WHAT are you waiting for?! Robustas are here to stay, baby. You heard it here first. Probably.