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Colombia - Melky Chavez

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We are big fans of Colombia and all of the exquisite coffees we've enjoyed from this beautiful country. By purchasing and enjoying this coffee, you already have a positive impact. Where trade is fair and honest, aid is unnecessary. Colombian citizens are currently fighting for fairness, honesty, and justice, so we wanted to do something extra to support the struggle. Our import partner, Caravela Coffee, which is a certified B Corp working towards carbon neutrality in ALL of their operations around the world, has worked with Hogares Bambi and vouches for their integrity.

Melky Chavez is a remarkable offering from Buesaco, Nariño, a region known for exceptional coffee. The coffee was fully washed and fermented for 18-22 hrs, then sun dried on covered patios. The lot is prepared to a 15+ screen size as a SCA specialty grade.

This beautiful tube comes with 8 ounces of coffee. Designed, stamped and crafted in house, as always



Layered and complex with chocolate, marzipan, goji berries, tropical fruits, poached pears...check it out and see what you notice. There’s a lot to unpack!