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We know we keep bringing on the heat with waves of radical new processing methods and names that seem straight out of science fiction, but rest assured that despite it's cool name, this coffee with warm your soul with a comforting and classic flavor profile... with some added layers of fruit complexity over the traditional chocolate and nut notes we have come to expect from Brazil.

So, what is a "Thermal Shock" anyway?

Glad you asked! In this case, the whole ripe coffee berries are harvested and transferred to a chillingly cold fermenting tank filled with natural spring water. The submerged berries are in an anaerobic environment, and within the 24 hour process, the producer, Luiz Saldanha, can carefully control the metabolic rate and processes, allowing for the unique enhancement of different acids and esters within the coffee's cell walls. The cold water anaerobic fermentation closely monitors and allows control over the pH and temperature as well as the microbial activity and has an effect on the acidity, mouthfeel, and flavor.


Region: Norte Pionero

Cultivar: Muno Novo

Process: Thermal Shock Natural

Producer: Luiz and Flavia Saldanha

Elevation: 750 MASL

Roast Level: Medium-Light (60/50 Colortrack)

Cupping Profile: Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch, Clean, Sweet, Balanced & Complex


Suggested Brew Methods & Recipe:

FILTERED DRIP: For a brighter, fruit forward cup:




Flat bottom pour over such as the Fellow Stagg or the Kalita Wave yielded some of our favorite results when it came to balance of complex acidity, flavor, and mouthfeel. All devices that we tested with paper filters brought about great cups as well which enhanced brightness, yet the flat bottom papers really balanced them out with more viscosity in the body. Additionally, we used a Melodrip dripper which acts as a manual shower head that gently drips the water onto the coffee bed without adding any agitation. We feel this allows us to use slightly finer grinds for a fuller extraction and deeper complexity while keeping the cup smooth and round. If you don't have one of these, don't sweat it! Your typical hand pour technique should make this coffee sing all the same.


-Weigh out your coffee and heat water.

-Preheat your device

-Grind coffee fresh

-Add coffee to device

-Tare out scale

-00:00: Start timer. Without Melodrip, add 50 grams of water to bed of grounds and allow to bloom.

-00:30: Using Melodrip initiate first full pour of 100 grams of water (your scale will read 150 grams) your rate of pour should be about 50 grams every 15 seconds.

-01:15: Initiate second pour of 100 grams with Melodrip. Same rate of pour as above.

-02:00: Initiate third and final pour of 100 grams with Melodrip. same rate.

-02:30: Finish your last pour and allow for the water to drain fully through the dripper.

-02:50-3:00 Your extraction should be done dripping through. Set device aside and serve. Enjoy!


UNFILTERED IMMERSION: For a creamier, heavy bodied cup:


If you love your French Press and the body that is inherent to this method, we find that the Cold Soul delivers a rich, creamy mouthfeel, and expresses a different side of this coffee. From our taste tests, our team experienced much more viscosity with flavors such as red apple, raisin, fig jam, chocolate, and coriander.


-Weigh out your coffee and heat water.

-Preheat your device

-Grind coffee fresh

-Add coffee to device

-Tare out scale

-00:00: Start timer. Mix coffee and water by swirling slurry until device is about 1/3 full.

-Place device back on scale

-Fill device until target water dose is reached.

-Place lid on device and gently plunge until grounds are submerged about 1 cm under liquid

-04:00: Remove plunger and lid. You will notice that all grounds will sink to the bottom.

-Quickly rinse plunger of foam.

-Take a couple spoons and gently scoop up remaining foam from the top of the device. It doesn't need to be perfect, but this will help clean the cup a little and avoid any potentially undesirable chalky or grittiness in the cup.

-Place lid back on device. Slowly plunge until you meet resistance from the grounds which have settled on the bottom. You may note that without the grounds it is very easy to depress the plunger.

-You can now decant the entire pot into a separate vessel and let rest for a few minutes if you wish to further minimize silt in your cup, or serve directly into your favorite drinking vessel.



P.S. We also enjoyed this coffee as both espresso, and particularly as cold espresso as pulled through our Osma Cold Espresso Machine! We know these machines aren't common yet, but the complexity and syrupy body are worth noting.

For some more brew methods, Check The Technique! You can also check out our Youtube channel for additional content. 

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