Tuning in the Radio

Posted by Andrew Villa on 14th Apr 2014

Here at Chromatic, we're always learning and exploring different ways to create the best product possible. Whether that's through roasting, brewing or a combination of the two, it's innovation that ke … read more

Keynote and Gamut

Posted by Hiver van Geenhoven on 23rd Mar 2014

5/7/2013There is nothing more exciting for us than receiving a sample of a coffee that we have never tasted before. Whether it be a different country, region, cultivar, process, or grade; regardless o … read more

Mythbusters, Tech Shop and Hot Stamping

Posted by Roastery Team on 23rd Mar 2014

4/8/2013Think back to when you were young. Do you remember that feeling of having a childhood hero? Did you ever want to meet them, or share something you created? Something you have in common?Alright … read more

Moving a Roaster

Posted by Hiver van Geenhoven on 23rd Mar 2014

3/27/2013Last week was an interesting series of events for us, but the culminating point of our less than six months of operation was moving an entire roastery, after setting it up the first time arou … read more

Chrome plated Stritch

Posted by Hiver van Geenhoven on 23rd Mar 2014

3/17/2013We’re celebrating the grand opening of downtown San Jose’s latest gem: Café Stritch. Owned and operated by the Borkenhagen family, this is our first exclusive account, and naturally we wouldn … read more
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