Water Science and Roasting: The Radio Approach

27th Sep 2014

The water is the unsung hero of a cup of coffee. In the South Bay, we've been dealing with hard, heavy water for a while - some trick filtration has allowed us to dial our water into the SCAA spec. of … read more

Rosalio Ventura & The Parainema Cultivar

Posted by Hiver van Geenhoven on 17th Jul 2014

It was sometime in March 2014 that we received our pre-milling sample of Tulio Portillo from Honduras. Along with Tulio came another coffee that immediately caught our attention. When our importer and … read more

Tulio Portillo, La Encarnacion

Posted by Andrew Villa on 16th Jul 2014

For our second release of producer series bags, we're pleased to bring Tulio Portillo. It's one of our favorites here at Chromatic, and it's not your typical Honduran coffee either. Rarely have we wit … read more
The Chromatic Radio Tower

The Chromatic Radio Tower

Posted by Hiver van Geenhoven on 11th Jul 2014

In 1909, a man named Charles David “Doc” Herrold erected a radio tower. It was the first radio station of its kind in the entire world, geared to entertain an audience of hundreds in the farm to … read more