El Salvador - Gloria's Jomaro wet process LIMITED RELEASE!

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The fruit of the Jomaro named fo JoMaria Rodriguez, tastes remarkably like a peach ring when sampled directly from the tree; in the coffee, the peach mingles alongside deep shades of red fruit, the tropics, cacao, and sugarcane.

The Legacy

Before Gloria grew coffee on these farms, there was her father. And her grandfather. Before him, her great grandfather. Now her daughter and son-in-law Luis also live the legacy. The youngest Rodriguez may yet choose the same path when his time comes. In the meantime, we feel honored to be a part of the Rodriguez family, watching little José Maria grow swiftly in the space between our visits to Apanceca, El Salvador.

Both Elefantes in the Gloria Trilogy come from a high elevation micro-lot within Finca Nejapa called Santa Marta, named for Gloria’s mother. Another of Gloria’s farms is called Finca San José, after her father. Gloria’s daughter Maria José named her son José Maria, and her farms are called La Gloria. As you can tell, it is very important to the Rodriguez family to honor those who came before.

We’ve also had the honor of watching Gloria and MaJo follow in the footsteps of the men who came before them, and continue on to innovate beyond the end of their reach. All of the coffees in this gift set are varieties discovered and cultivated by the Rodriguez family. We were present for the discovery of some unique qualities found in the newest natural mutation which occurred on their farm, planted three years ago as an experimental micro-lot: the Jomaro. This variety is a unique variation on the Elefante, which is genetically similar to the exceptional Bourbons found in this part of the globe. This year is the very first harvest of this cultivar, with less than than 300 pounds produced, available exclusively to Chromatic, thanks to our fortuitous timing.


From our families to yours: happy holidays!


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