We've been friends in the coffee industry for years, with experience in cafes, roasteries, international trade, and the equipment manufacturing business. In 2012 we decided that we were ready to do it ourselves and do it our way. We started with a plane ticket to El Salvador and a sample roaster in the basement of one of the founders' home. 

Since then, we've learned a lot, and taken everything into our own hands, from our green buyer designing each unique coffee graphic to best represent it's personality & the producers behind it, to hot stamping our bags in house, continuously modifying our roaster to better suit our roasting styles, integrating and streamlining new technologies to assist in our craft, creating and learning water chemistry variable controls, and much more. As soon as you pick up one of our bags, you might get the feeling that we’re a bit different, but we are just happy to share our joy and passion for coffee with you, and loving every step along the way. Cheers!